Meet Nashville Photographer: Hunter Hart! 👋

Supporting local photographers is one of our favorite parts of being a local camera store. We’ve built a truly wonderful community in Cleveland and received such a warm welcome from our new friends in Nashville. 

Recently, we partnered with local Nashville photographer Hunter Hart to bring a photo workshop to our Nashville community! 

On March 16th, Hunter will host The Creative Pursuit: Composition + Framing at Nashville’s War Memorial Plaza! This workshop is an opportunity for photographers looking for creative inspiration, practice photographing portraits, or guidance on composition and framing. Hunter is a fantastic photographer, and we’re thrilled to have him leading this workshop! 

About Hunter

With over a decade of experience in documentary, wedding, and portrait photography, Hunter is still just as obsessed with photography as when he first picked up a camera. He began his photography journey in his late teens, connecting with new friends and photographers by photographing parties. He also credits much of his start to a photojournalism and documentary film-making workshop he attended in 2013. More in love with photography than ever, this workshop inspired him to take photography more seriously; the rest is history! 

He is heavily motivated and inspired by the art, music, and movies around him. These sources of creativity motivate his creative pursuits and help him really commit to an idea. Hunter describes his style as “edgy” and “forgiving”. He favors a loose form over a clinical approach and values learning how his subjects present themselves over posing and directing. He keeps things simple, ensuring his subjects are at ease and helping the shoot go as smoothly as possible. This approach elevates and supports his documentarian style and love for capturing real moments. 

Hunter is especially fond of photography because of its powerful ability to provide instant gratification while maintaining a high level of artistic value and the flexibility it offers him to travel and explore the world. Sharing about his yearly trip to South Africa with his wife and the images he captures on his travels, he notes, “You can make a beautiful painting of the world in a fraction of a second, and that to me, is very powerful…I always learn how amazing the world is.” 

What’s in Hunter’s Bag? 

Hunter does most of his work with Sony and Fujifilm gear, specifically Sony’s A7 IV and Fujifilm’s X100V and GFX 50S. He also shoots with a Leica Q and prefers to use lenses around the 28-50mm mark. 


The Creative Pursuit: Composition + Framing Workshop

Hunter’s workshop will cover leveraging composition and framing for memorable images. Attendees will have the opportunity to photograph a model and practice utilizing natural lighting only. Simplifying photography set ups and leaving fancy lights at home poses a unique challenge for attendees to exercise their own artistry and creates an opportunity for creativity! Hunter will share his creative process and show how he frames his subject for great compositions. Attendees will have an opportunity to practice their new skills and work with Hunter to discover their unique, artistic style! 

Don’t miss out on this workshop with Hunter! Sign up for The Creative Pursuit: Composition + Framing Workshop today! 

Connect with Hunter

Youtube: YT/hunterhart

*All images created by Hunter Hart

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