Atomos Ninja Ultra Monitor: Must-have for filmmakers!

The Atomos Ninja Ultra Monitor is a must-have for filmmakers! Designed for the professionals and enthusiasts, this monitor-recorder hybrid offers tons of features for elevating your filming experience. 

More than just a monitor, the Ninja Ultra is a high-performance, 5-inch display combined with advanced recording capabilities including…

  • 4K HDR Display: A bright, 1000-nit touchscreen display offers accurate color representation and high dynamic range, resulting in a clear and vivid preview of your footage.
  • ProRes RAW Recording: Capture incredible details and post-production flexibility with ProRes RAW recording.
  • Multi-Input Flexibility: The Ninja Ultra is highly compatible with HDMI 2.0 inputs and outputs. 
  • Advanced Monitoring Tools: Includes waveform monitoring, vectorscopes, focus peaking, and LUTs for precise control over your video quality.

There’s a lot to love about the Ninja Ultra and with tons of awesome filmmaking features it’s perfect for a wide range of users. For professionals working on high-end productions, the Ninja Ultra offers precise monitoring and high-quality footage. Content creators will appreciate how easy to use the Ultra makes it to capture high-quality footage! The Ninja Ultra is also great for capturing live events with reliability and flexibility which makes it the perfect tool for event videographers. 

Let’s explore some of the other features that all videographers will love! 

Stunning Display Quality 

The Ultra’s 5-inch touchscreen is both bright and incredibly detailed, offering 1920x1080 resolution. This display quality shines in bright outdoor conditions where monitor clarity can suffer. Plus, HDR support ensures that what you see on the screen is a true representation of your final output.

Versatile Recording Options 

With a wide range of codecs to choose from, like ProRes, DNxHR, and ProRes RAW, this monitor allows filmmakers to choose the best format for their workflow. This versatility is great for all projects, whether it has a fast turnaround time or is a more high-quality production work.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency 

Streamline your workflow by recording directly to SSDs and reduce the time spent transferring files from your camera to editing software. Plus, hot-swappable batteries make sure that you can keep shooting with little downtime. 

Professional Monitoring Tools 

With professional monitoring tools such as focus peaking, false color, and waveform monitoring, it’s easier to achieve precise focus and exposure! These tools are critical for ensuring that every shot is perfectly composed and exposed, reducing the need for reshoots and extensive post-production adjustments.

Build and Usability 

The Atomos Ninja Ultra is built for portability! Its intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate through the menus and settings, even for those new to using external monitors. Plus, the compact design of this monitor ensures that it can be easily mounted on a camera rig or handheld setup without adding excessive weight.

All in all, the Atomos Ninja Ultra Monitor is a powerful addition to any filmmaker's toolkit! With a combination of a stunning display, versatile recording options, and professional monitoring tools this monitor is an indispensable tool for enhancing video production quality. Stop by the store or shop online to check out the Ninja Ultra and bring your creative visions to life with precision and ease!

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