Promaster Chroma TL9RGB 9” Tube LED Light: Portraits, Video, Light Painting, and more!

Introducing Promaster’s NEW Chroma TL9RGB 9” Tube LED Light! This latest addition to Promaster’s impressive line up photography and videography accessories is both affordable AND impressive.

For just $59.95, creatives can enjoy…

  • RBG mode with 360 colors
  • Saturation control in RGB mode
  • Bi-color mode
  • Special effects mode with 19 scenes
  • Builit-in magnet for quick & easy attachment to magnetic surfaces
  • Excellent color rendition (TLCI98+ / CRI 95+)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery & USB-C charging
  • Works wirelessly with the Light Attendant app
  • 1 hour & 5 minute runtime at full power

This Tube LED Light comes in a compact, 9" package. The tube-style design creates beautiful wrap-around illumination thanks to its curved diffusion panel and elongated design. This light is great for anything from portraits to macro photography, on-the-go shooting and studio applications. With the 1/4"-20 threaded ports on either end and a built-in magnet for instant attachment to metal surfaces, this light has several attachment opportunities for use as a single-light source or as part of your lighting setup! 

Plus, this light’s operation is easier than ever with Promaster’s Light Attendant app. This app allows you to seamlessly tweak color, brightness levels, enable party light mode, and more! Plus, for set ups requiring multiple lights, you can individually control each connected light all in one spot. 

The  TL9RGB runs on an internal rechargeable battery. A fully charged battery will run for about an hour at full power while maintaining its brightness setting for consistent, shot-to-shot results and video! (65 minutes, measured at 5,600K, 100% brightness, in bi-color. mode).

3 modes: 

  • RGB - 360 colors (hues) as well as saturation control for each color with a range of 0 - 100%
  • Bi-Color (CCT) - Extended color temperature range of 2,500K to 8,500K
  • Special Effects - 19 unique scenes 

ProMaster's new Chroma TL9RGB Tube Light is not only perfect for creative lighting in your photography or videography set ups, it’s also great for light painting! Promaster Ambassadors Frankie Spontelli and Ross Bernards took this light for a nighttime adventure in Utah to explore light painting! 

Spontelli and Bernards found many benefits to using this light on their shoot. With the ability to pair multiple lights in one app, they were able to individually control the colors, temperature, intensity, and modes of each paired light in their set up for easy adjustments and unlimited creativity. 

They recommend moving the light through the scene during your long exposure to create dynamic light trails. These movements can include sweeping motions (to highlight specific areas or create abstract patterns that add a sense of motion and energy to your photos), perfectly seamless lines, or circles. Light painting can be difficult at first but is a super fun way to add more visual interest to your nighttime images. 

This light is also great for selectively illuminating elements in your images like plants or rock formations while keeping the starry sky in the background well exposed. Selectively lighting objects in your images can add depth and dimension to your images and make them more interesting to look at. 

Because the TL9RGB tube light is so compact and lightweight, it’s easy to handle and control for more precise lighting painting. Try different angles, distances, and movements until you get look you want! 

Spontelli and Bernards’ tips for light painting! 

  1. Plan your composition by scouting your location during daylight. This will help you identify interesting foreground elements and plan how you’d like your image to look.
  2. Practice and Experiment with different techniques and settings to see what works best for your scene.
  3. Work with a friend, especially for more complex scenes. One person can handle the camera while the other paints with the tube light.
  4. Be patient and be prepared to take multiple shots and adjust your technique as needed. 

Light painting can be a fun photography challenge and Promaster’s TL9RGB tube light provides an easy to use tool for a challenging photography style! 

Whether you’re light painting, lighting a portrait, or setting up your next video shoot, this light is an awesome choice for creatives looking for a reliable and affordable lighting option! Check it out in store today or visit our website to pick yours up today! 

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