5 Portraits, 1 Light with Profoto!

Explore portrait lighting with Profoto photographer, Hannah Couzens! In this video Hannah walks through 5 different studio lighting setups you can create using just one Profoto B10 or B10X light!. Keep reading to explore the B10x and more awesome lighting equipment from Profoto. 

Formal Portrait

Hannah achieves soft lighting while maintaining definition utilizing the B10x and Profoto’s OCF 2x3’ Softbox. The rectangular shape of the softbox is great for either full body or close up portraits. 

Portrait with Contrast

To achieve shadows for the second portrait, Hannah used the OCF 1x3’ Strip Softbox close to the model for carefully controlled lighting and fast fall-off. 

Portrait with Even Gradients

Hannah combines the B10x and an umbrella to achieve soft light. By placing the umbrella centered over the model and using a diffuser on the umbrella, she avoid a glare from the center of the light. 

Portrait with Fast Fall Off

Utilizing a OCF 2x3’ Softbox and a black reflector, Hannah achieves fast fall off even with a white background! 

Dramatic Portrait

For a more dramatic look, Hannah utilizes an OCF Beauty Dish as a softbox. She removes the center disc and adds a diffusion panel. She places the light closer to her model for quick fall-off light to add to the mood. Plus, she adds in a black reflector to prevent light bouncing back into the photo from the white walls. 

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