Take Your Professional Photos and Videos to the Next Level with the Canon EOS R1!

Canon Unveils EOS R1: A Game Changer for Pro Photographers and Videographers

Calling all professional photographers and videographers! The newest addition to Canon's flagship mirrorless camera system is here! The EOS R1 is a major upgrade with next level tech designed to take your photos and video to the next level!

The EOS R1 is still currently undergoing field testing but it's clear already that this camera is designed to be a game changer for pros on the go.

Built for the Pros

Professional demand speed, accuracy, and reliability and with the R1 Canon has delivered. At its core is a brand new image processing system that combines the power of the DIGIC X processor with a DIGIC Accelerator. This combination lets you process massive amounts of data in a blink, resulting in lightning fast AF. The R1's AF tracks subjects like a hawk, even in chaotic scenes with tons of movement like sports games! This camera also contains an "Action Priority" function that uses deep learning to recognize specific actions (like a player shooting a basket) and instantly adjusts focus, ensuring you never miss a shot. 

Stunning Image Quality

Professional work deserves professional-grade images. The R1 doesn't disappoint. Canon took their already impressive noise reduction technology, previously used in PC software, and brought it straight to the camera. This means cleaner, sharper images, even in low-light situations.


Professionals can face tough conditions and the R1 is built to handle it all. This camera is weather-sealed and tough enough to withstand everyday use, so you can focus on getting the shot without worrying about your gear.


The R1 is just another example of Canon's is commitment to expanding their EOS R System with exciting new cameras and RF lenses. If you're a professional photographer or videographer who demands the best, then this might just be your new dream machine. Stay tuned for more updates as Canon unveils more details about the R1's release date and pricing! 

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