Meet Cleveland Photographer: Gabe Wasylko 👋

All Images by Gabe Wasylko

If you’ve been following the Cleveland landscape photography scene there’s a huge chance you’ve seen one of the many incredible photos created by Gabe Wasylko! Known for his stunning landscapes of Cleveland landmarks and skylines, Gabe has been a longtime customer and friend of ours! 

He began his creative journey and fostered a love for storytelling early with influence from his parents who worked in the video field. After studying mathematics and political science at the College of Wooster, Gabe went on to work for the RubberDucks as the manager of their video, creative, and in-game entertainment. In this position he was able to reconnect with his love of storytelling and thinking creatively while spearheading branding and marketing for the team. 

When COVID-19 hit, Gabe picked up a camera and worked everyday to elevate his skills and grow his love for the city he calls home, Cleveland. He started by taking one photo of the city each day in an effort to learn more about the city and his craft. The result was a love for photography and stunning images of Cleveland. Gabe’s photography quickly took on a life of it’s own and resulted in the opportunity to work with local creatives, brands, and people making a difference in Northeast Ohio. 

Gabe shoots exclusively with Fujifilm, particularly the GFX100s (Now GFX100S II), X-T5, and X100V (Now X100vi). His go to set up pairs the GFX100S with Fujifilm’s GF 32-64mm f/4 R LM WR Lens. For on-the-go shots, portraits, and sports, Gabe uses his X-T5 paired with Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f/4R OIS WR and FUJIFILM XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR Lens for maximum versatility. 

One of Gabe’s favorite ways to capture Cleveland landmarks is to use them to frame the moon. For these shots, he uses his Fujifilm XF 200mm f/2 OIS WR Lens Teleconverter Kit for extra reach and compression! 

While he loves all Fujifilm cameras, his recent favorite has been his X100V! Gabe loves this camera because of the compact size, film simulations, and how easy it is to transfer photos with Fujifilm’s app! 

It takes more than great gear and talent to do what Gabe does and he credits much of his passion for the city and the art of photography to the celebration of Cleveland’s amazing community of creatives, change-makers, and entrepreneurs who make this city and the shots he captures so special. 

Gabe has already achieved amazing things and we can’t wait to continue to see him grow! If you're interested in prints, canvases and other Cleveland goods, check Gabe out at www.gabe Follow Gabe social for his latest work on Instagram, Facebook, and X

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