Westcott 55-Degree Wide Umbrella Reflector with Honeycomb Grids (Bowens-Godox Mount)

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Quick Overview

  • For the FJ400 strobe and other lights with a Bowens S-type mount
  • Includes wide reflector with 10°, 20°, 30°, and 40° honeycomb grids
  • Reflector creates a controlled 55° light beam for mid-range applications
  • Renders light with minimal fall-off and a defined edge

Product Description

Maximize and Direct Your Light
This reflector creates a controlled 55-degree light beam for mid-range photography and video applications. It concentrates the light into a narrow 55-degree beam angle, rendering light with minimal fall-off and a defined edge.

Removable Honeycomb Grids
The included 10, 20, 30, and 40-degree snap-in honeycomb grids offer even further light control for precisely directing where light falls on your subject or scene. These grids enable selective lighting of areas of your subject. The size of the projected circle of light depends on the grid selected and its distance from your subject.

Uncompromising Light Control
Honeycomb grids are made up of cells that control off-axis light in 6 directions. By focusing light through a grid, you eliminate both light spill and lens flare simultaneously for precise illumination.

Versatile Modifier for the FJ400 and Other Bowens-Mount Lights
This durable, all-metal accessory set is equipped with a Bowens S-type mount. It is compatible with any Bowens-mount light, including the popular Westcott FJ400 strobe.

In The Box
Westcott 55° Wide Umbrella Reflector with Honeycomb Grids
Umbrella Reflector
10° Grid
20° Grid
30° Grid
40° Grid
Limited 1-Year Warranty
MFG Part# 4722
Condition New