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  • Get your camera sensor cleaned at Pixel Connection.

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Get your camera sensor cleaned at Pixel Connection. If you need the cleaning done quickly choose the rush option!

Pixel Connection offers sensor cleanings on all interchangeable lens cameras. We use factory recommended methods to ensure that your sensor is cleaned safely and properly. Turnaround time is typically 1-2 business days - same day cleaning is available at a rush charge. Please make sure your camera has a fully charged battery when bringing it in for a cleaning.

How can I tell if my sensor is dirty?
If you're seeing tiny black dots or squiggles on all of your images in the same spots, it's likely that your sensor has some dust or other particles on it.A quick test can be done to check if you have any potential sensor dust/particles:
- set your aperture to f/18-f/22
- find a solid colored subject that is far away (blue or cloudy sky / solid light colored wall)
If you see any dots or squiggles like in the image below, your sensor has some debris on it. On mirrorless cameras, you will see the sensor dust/debris on the live view screen.

How often should I clean my sensor?
If you see sensor dust, it's time to clean your sensor! Otherwise, it depends on your shooting scenarios. If you're constantly changing lenses in environments where dust/debris is present, you will likely need to clean your sensor more often. As a maintenance service, once or twice a year for a hobbyist is typically the norm.

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