Promaster Chronicle Tripod Kit - Carbon Fiber

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Short description

Quick Overview

  • Unique ball-head switches from camera to phone mode in seconds
  • Dual-action ball head with tension adjustment and two Us
  • Dovetail (arca-compatible) quick-release plate included
  • Utilizing the built-in Flexor, the Chronicle can be used as a standard tripod, handheld stabilizer, tabletop/ground-level tripod, traditional monopod, and monopod with a 3-leg base.
  • Removable smooth control handle
  • 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded accessory ports
  • Bubble levels on tripod and ball head
  • Independently adjustable leg angles
  • Soft, comfortable grips on touch points
  • Cold weather performance: -4° F / -20° C

Product Description

A multifunctional, precision-crafted carbon fiber tripod in a groundbreakingly innovative, self-contained package. Whether you’re using your phone or camera, need a tripod, monopod, tabletop or ground-level tripod, or handheld stabilizer, the Chronicle does it all. 

The Chronicle is more than a tripod—it’s a self-contained system designed for creating imagery in a variety of ways. Each component of the Chronicle has been designed to maximize ease of use and offer as many choices as possible in one seamlessly integrated device. It works with cameras and phones without the need for any additional accessories to fumble with or lose. It functions as a full-size tripod, a tabletop/ground-level tripod, a handheld stabilizer, and a monopod with an optional 3-leg base. It handles each of these tasks without compromise, providing stability, flexibility, and a phenomenal user experience for creating both stills and video. 

A Completely Reimagined Ball Head

The Chronicle’s ball head has a platform like no other. For cameras, it uses a ProMaster Dovetail (arca-type) quick release. For phones, it converts to a sturdy smartphone clamp in seconds. Going back and forth from camera-mode to phone mode couldn’t be simpler: just turn the conversion knob so the icon of a phone is on top (just ½ turn) and unfold the phone clamp. To return to camera mode, reverse the process by folding the clamp up and turning the knob so the camera icon is on top. The best part is there are no outside accessories to lose, and no special tools are required! Never get bogged down again fiddling with tiny screwdrivers, adapters, or additional parts—it's all integrated.

The ball head itself is a joy to use. It has a main knob for controlling ball tension and a separate knob for the panning motion. While most ball heads have one “U” for vertical orientation, the Chronicle uses two “U’s” to give you more control. It has a convenient bubble level to help with composition. Rounding out the features of the head is a control handle which can be attached or removed at your convenience. This handle can be especially useful for video footage; it works in conjunction with the head’s tension control so you can make smooth pans and tilts. 

Introducing the Flexor

In place of a standard center column, the Chronicle features an entirely new design. With a camera or phone attached to the head, turn the knob on the side of the Chronicle’s yoke and then pull up on the ball head; the assembly easily lifts out of the tripod to form a comfortable, round handheld stabilizer. Open the Flexor’s legs, and the unit becomes a tabletop or ground-level tripod! That’s not all. Detach one of the tripod’s legs to form a traditional monopod by installing the upper portion of the Flexor, with the ball head still attached, to the top of the leg. Unscrew the standard rubber foot from the monopod leg install the Flexor’s bottom section, and gain a monopod with a sturdy 3-leg base! This base has a built-in ball joint for smooth panning and tilting, as well as a locking collar on the ball joint that allows panning movements without tilt. Just like the amazing ball head, the Flexor requires no outside accessories or special tools to convert into its various forms. 

The Chronicle is a terrific tripod on its own and can support up to 22 lbs! It reaches a working height of over 59” and collapses down to a folded length of just under 23”. The Chronicle won’t let you down in the cold and is rated for use at -4° F (-20° C). The tripod’s legs have 3 angle positions and are independently adjustable to tame any terrain; because the Chronicle’s feet use a standard 3/8”-16 connection, they can easily be switched out to all-terrain feet.

The Chronicle’s knobs, leg locks, and removable control handle all feature soft silicone for a grip that’s both comfortable and secure. The included quick-release plate is the same terrific plate used on our XC-M tripods; it uses soft, textured silicone across its entire top surface to create an anti-twist connection and it has a strap loop making it compatible with various types of hand and neck straps. The Dovetail (arca-type) connection is compatible with a wide variety of plates and accessories from ProMaster and other brands.

The tripod’s yoke features a bubble level and two threaded accessory ports with stainless-steel sleeves—one with a 3/8”-16 port and one with a ¼”-20 port. These serve as connection points for a flex arm, articulated arm, and other accessories. The 3/8”-16 port is also a great place to store the soft foot when it’s removed for connecting the Flexor’s 3-leg base in monopod mode. Finally, the Chronicle comes in a quality padded carrying case with an accessory pouch and shoulder strap for convenient transportation.

The Chronicle becomes an extension of your creativity, wherever your photography takes you. Whether you're taking family photos, shooting landscapes, or capturing anything from sports to astrophotography, this tripod has all the elements you need in its integrated design. You've found the Chronicle, which will inspire your creativity and help tell the story of your life. 


- Maximum working height: 59 1/16” / 150 cm

- Minimum working height: 8 ¼” / 21 cm

- Folded length: 22 15/16” / 58.3 cm

- Maximum load: 22 lbs / 10 kg

- Weight: 4 lbs 2 7/8 oz / 1.9 kg

- Cold weather performance: -4° F / -20° C

  • Maximum height and weight do not include the QR plate or optional handle.

- Handle weight: 3 1/8 oz / 89 g

- QR plate weight: 1 1/8 oz / 32 g


- Height: 3 15/16” / 10 cm

- Base diameter: 1 31/32” / 5 cm

- Weight: 13 5/8 oz / 386 g

- Maximum phone size: 3 7/8” / 9.84 cm

- Minimum phone size: 2 9/16” / 6.51 cm

  • Ball head height and weight do not include the QR plate or optional handle.
  • Height is measured in camera mode for use with Dovetail plate rather than phone mode.


- Maximum working height: 55 1/8” / 140 cm

- Minimum working height: 4 5/16” / 11 cm

- Leg angles: 22°, 50°, 80°

- Platform diameter: 1 25/32” / 4.5 cm

- Folded length: 19” / 48.3 cm

- Weight: 3 lbs 5 ¼ oz / 1.51 kg

- Leg section diameters: 28, 25, 22, & 18mm

- Tripod leg weight includes legs with Flexor installed. These do not include the ball head, QR plate or optional handle.


- Height with legs spread (tabletop / ground-level mode): 9 1/4” / 23.5 cm

- Length with legs folded (handheld stabilizer mode): 13 ¾” / 35 cm

- Weight: 1 lb 8 3/8 oz / 691 g

  • Flexor specifications are for the assembly with silver collar and ball head attached. These do not include the QR plate or optional handle.

- 3-leg base only weight (not including collar or ball head): 7 5/8 oz / 216 g

In The Box

Chronicle carbon fiber tripod with twist locks and Flexor
Chronicle 36mm ball head
3608 Quick-release plate
Optional handle for the ball head
Tool kit with storage pouch
Soft, padded storage and transport bag

MFG Part# 67907
Condition New


Promaster Chronicle Tripod Kit - AluminumPromaster Chronicle Tripod Kit - Aluminum
Promaster Chronicle Tripod Kit - Aluminum
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