ProMaster 72mm IRND64X (1.8) HGX Prime

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Quick Overview

  • The ProMaster 72mm IRND64X (1.8) HGX Prime filter is designed to reduce the amount of light entering your camera lens while blocking infrared wavelengths.
  • Allows for significantly longer exposure times and helps you achieve creative effects in bright lighting conditions.
  • Made with optical glass, this filter ensures exceptional image quality with minimal distortion and color shifts.
    With a 6-stop light reduction, this filter provides extreme control over the amount of light reaching your camera sensor.
  • The ProMaster 72mm IRN64X filter is multi-coated with anti-reflective layers to minimize lens flare, ghosting, and unwanted reflections.
    Built with a rugged aluminum frame, this filter is durable and long-lasting.
  • The user-friendly design ensures easy attachment and removal, making it a convenient accessory for your photography gear.


Product Description

The ProMaster 72mm IRND64X (1.8) HGX Prime, a premium filter designed for precise light control and exceptional image quality. This Infrared Neutral Density (IRND) filter combines the benefits of an ND filter with the ability to block infrared light, delivering stunning visual results. Crafted with excellence, the ProMaster 72mm IRND64X (1.8) features optical glass construction, ensuring superior clarity, accurate color reproduction, and minimal distortion. This IRND64X (1.8) filter reduces the amount of visible light entering your lens by 6 stops.

It maintains a neutral color and suppresses infrared light for sharp, clean imagery in still photography and videography with a filter factor of 64X. Designed for convenience and versatility, this filter boasts a slim and lightweight design, making it perfect for photographers on the move. Whether capturing breathtaking landscapes, compelling portraits, or experimenting with long exposure photography, this filter eliminates the need for multiple filters, offering ease and efficiency. Built to withstand professional use, the ProMaster 72mm IRND64X (1.8) HGX Prime is equipped with a multi-coating that enhances scratch resistance and repels water, ensuring durability and optimal performance in challenging shooting environments.

Compatible with lenses featuring a 72mm filter thread, this IRND filter offers versatility across various camera systems. Its precise construction prevents light leakage and maintains accurate color rendition, resulting in consistent and reliable image quality. Unleash your creativity with the ProMaster 72mm IRND64X (1.8) HGX Prime. Take full control over your exposure and achieve professional-quality results with this exceptional IRND filter. 

In The Box ProMaster 72mm IRND64X (1.8) HGX Prime, (Model 6061)
MFG Part# 6061
Condition New


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