Nisi Reverse Graduated Neutral Density Lens Filter(16) 1.2 100x150MM

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Short description

Quick Overview

  • 6x to 1.4x Filter Factor, 4 to 0.5-Stop
  • Reduce Exposure for Sunrises or Sunsets
  • Increases to Maximum Density at Center
  • Effect Configured for Sun at Horizon

Product Description

This filter achieves its effect with a 1.2 band of density across its center region that provides a 4-stop reduction in light from entering a lens. This band extends approximately 4mm in both vertical directions which tapers to a 0.15 density that provides a 0.5-stop reduction in light at the edge above it. Directly below the 1.2 band of density, it tapers to clear, with a hard-edged line of transition before the clear area.

The placement of a 1.2 band of density that tapers to a density of 0.15 above it with a clear area directly below, allows the NiSi 100 x 150mm Nano Reverse-Graduated IRND 1.2 to 0.15 Filter to match the positioning of the sun when it is at, or immediately above the horizon. In such instances, the sun can appear closer to the center of an image as opposed to the upper edge, and an increase in brightness is created that is more prominent on both sides of the sun than above it. This pattern of brightness corresponds to the density pattern on the NiSi 100 x 150mm Nano Hard-Edge Reverse-Graduated IRND 1.2 to 0.15 Filter. The hard-edged line of transition in this reverse, graduated neutral density filter is useful for hard transitions between the sky and land, while the 4-stop to 0.5-stop gradation is applicable to multiple regions of brightness within the sky.

In The Box
  • NiSi 100 x 150mm Nano Hard-Edge Reverse-Graduated IRND 1.2 to 0.15 Filter (4 to 0.5-Stop)
  • Filter Pouch
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
MFG Part# NIP-100-RGND1.2
Condition New