Firework Photography Workshop - Cleveland
  • Abbey Road Cleveland Script Sign, 1502 Abbey Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113
  • 06/21/24
  • Join us for a Firework Photography Workshop with Cleveland landscape photographer, Gabe Wasylko!It’s finally summer in Cleveland, and with warm weather comes the abundance of thrilling summer festivals, afternoon cookouts and the most vibrant fireworks shows of the year. Experiencing these bright summer firework shows in-person is one thing, but learning how to photograph these spectacles and creating lasting memories adds a unique dynamic to any photographers skillset. Join Landscape Photographer Gabe Wasylko as he provides a look into his process of night and fireworks landscape photography, which includes: • The various gear he uses to photograph the perfect fireworks shots • The preparation and techniques behind nailing low light fireworks imagery • Tips and tricks to remember while shooting in low-light setting • Hands-on practice during a Cleveland Guardians postgame fireworks display Please Note: This is class takes place outside in unpredictable weather. Please wear comfortable shoes and dress accordingly. All proceeds from this class with go toward supporting the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter!
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