Developing Long Exposures with FUJIFILM at Pixel Connection - Nashville
  • PIXEL Connection - Nashville, 700 Rundle Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210
  • 06/28/24
  • Explore developing long exposures and capturing fireworks and star trails with FUJIFILM's Chris Gilbert!Embark on an illuminating journey into the realm of long exposure photography, in a class led by Tech Specialist Christopher Gilbert. Discover the art and technique of capturing mesmerizing long exposure images, from serene landscapes to dynamic night scenes. Dive deep into the intricacies of shutter speed, aperture, and composition to create stunning visual narratives. With Christopher's expertise, learn how to master the challenges of photographing fireworks, light painting, the milky way and more. Open to all camera brands! Christopher Gilbert is a national educator for FUJIFILM North America utilizing web/in-person content to expand target audience, increase brand awareness, and create an open environment where sales and education feed into one another. His two decade photographic career provides the variety of challenges he needs to continue to set career milestones and gives him the experience to simplify complex subject matter into a digestible form to empower individuals with the enthusiasm they need to craft and connect with their passion.
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