Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse!

Get ready for the Solar Eclipse in April!

This monumental event won’t happen again until 2044 so you definitely don’t want to miss this!
Check out all the info you need to get prepared! 

Path of the Eclipse

In the US, the path of totality (where the sun is completely obscured by the moon) will span across several states, including Ohio!

Our store in Avon will be a prime location for the path of totality. It’s the perfect spot to photograph the eclipse! Join us at our viewing party!

Other Viewing Locations

  • Texas: Dallas + Austin, Maverick + Webb County
  • Missouri: St. Louis + Kansas City
  • Illinois: Carbondale
  • New York: Rochester + Syracuse

Duration of Totality

The duration of totality will vary depending on your specific location along the path. It can range from a few seconds to over four minutes. In Cleveland, the duration of the full eclipse will be from 3:13-3:17pm, but a partial eclipse will last from 2:00pm until 4:30pm.

Get the Right Gear! 

It is crucial to have the correct gear for photographing the solar eclipse, not only for the benefit of your image and your photography gear, but also for the well-being of your eyes.

High Density ND Filter

High Density ND filters are necessary for photographing the eclipse. Photographing the eclipse without it can will result in damage to your camera’s sensor. These filters help you control exposure in bright conditions!

Even if you are using a Solar Filter, do not look directly at the sun. When positioning your shot, use your camera’s monitor and not the viewfinder.

An ND filter with a density of ND100000(5.0) 16.6 Stop is recommended for photographing the sun directly.

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Solar Viewing Glasses

Looking at the sun without proper protection can cause serious eye damage and when it comes to the eclipse, normal sunglasses won’t cut it. These lenses filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet and infrared rays, allowing you to safely view this natural phenomenon!

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Telephoto Lenses

Make sure you don’t miss any details by using a telephoto lens with a focal length of at least 300mm or longer! The longer the focal length, the larger the sun will appear in your frame!

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Minimizing shake during long exposures is super important. Make sure you have a good stable tripod to help prevent visible shake in your images.

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Remote Shutter Release

Using a remote shutter release or your camera's built in self-timer can help avoid camera shake when capturing the image. A remote shutter release allows you to manually trigger your camera without touching it, minimizing shake caused by pressing the shutter button to capture your image!

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☀️ Celebrate the Solar Eclipse with Pixel Connection! ☀️

Your registration includes:

  • 2 Pairs of Eclipse Glasses

  • Refreshments + Snacks

  • Parking* (*first come, first serve)

  • Print Voucher for 1 - 8x10 print

  • 10% Savings on Filters at Event Registration (Final Sale. No refunds, returns, exchanges)

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