3 Go-To Lighting Setups in a Time Crunch with Profoto +  Pye Jirsa

Make the Most of Every Moment with Profoto!

When time is a luxury, you want to make the most of every second! Check out this video from Profoto and Pye Jirsa and see how you can use their portable and simple Clic line to achieve 3 quick and easy lighting setups you can integrate into your workflow today!

Setup #1

Backlight is the key with this look! Created using the Profoto A2, Clic Magnum, Profoto Connect Pro & Clic CTO Kit, this set up leverages a shaded backdrop and uses the Profoto A2 with a Click CTO and Magnum just below the couple’s shoulder level. Darken the in-camera exposure, set the A2 to full power and the result is a simple but gorgeous backlit portrait!

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Setup #2

Achieve this corridor shot using the Profoto A2, Clic Softbox Octa & Profoto Connect Pro! By using columns and archways in your favor you can hide your lights and supplement natural lighting so the couple pops against the naturally darkening corridor!


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Setup #3

Using the Profoto Connect Pro, Profoto A2, Clic Softbox Octa & Clic Softgrid Octa you can create this simple yet intimate shot! Keep an eye out for a corner (one side lit, the other shaded) and place the couple on either side using the contrast in light vs. shadow as a line between them. Aim the light directly at the bride, lighting her against a darker backdrop and keep the groom closer to a silhouette in front of a lighter backdrop. Darken the in-camera exposure, turn up the flash power, edit the shot in black and white to achieve this timeless look!


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Content + Images by Profoto and Pye Jirsa

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