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Social media in 2024 is run by video creators. Thousands of hours of finely edited videos are uploaded hourly to every A-list social media platform with millions swiping through them daily. This has granted the everyday user the ability to see and learn things faster than ever. If you have ever wanted to visit the amazing wonders of the world, learn how to fix your old dishwasher, gain inspiration for your next home remodel, or simply follow a celebrity's day to day life, chances are there is a video for that on social media. 

But how do they do it? Most would assume to create videos like these all you need is a cell phone, and for some this may be true, but in reality there is an abundance of other pieces of gear besides a camera that can improve your social media content tenfold.


For the individual that is ready to take the leap into this ever expanding industry, select brands have created the perfect all-in-one kits for those looking to make their content look more professional right out of the box! 


Canon’s EOS R50 Content Creator Kit is tailored towards video creators and vloggers and comes with all the gear you need to get started. Combining sophisticated image and video capabilities into a compact, lightweight camera, the R50 is the perfect camera for content creators. The included RF-S 18-45mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM Lens offers a versatile zoom range in a compact package, perfect for on-the-go shooting. Additionally, Canon has also includes the accessories you need to take your video to the next level, including the Canon DM-E100 Directional Microphone and Canon HG-100TBR Tripod Grip!

Sony’s ZV-E1 is another awesome option for content creators. Designed for creating video content, the camera comes with vlogging features built in such as time lapse, slow + quick motion, streaming connectivity and more! This camera also features professional internal microphone built in and comes with a windscreen so your audio stays crisp!

The Nikon Z30 and Creator's Accessory Kit for Z30 is the perfect kit for vloggers and live streamers. This camera combines high image quality with 4K video recording and is perfect for capturing stills and video! Combined with Nikon’s Creator Accessory Kit, which includes a Rode VideoMicro Shotgun Microphone, a SmallRig Tripod Grip and a Nikon ML-L7 Bluetooth Remote Control, you’ll have all the gear you need to document your adventures! 

Panasonic’s Lumix G100 is the Vlogger’s camera! This camera features tons of features that can help you streamline your social media content such as frame markers for popular social media aspect ratios and connection to your smartphone for quick editing and transferring. This camera is lightweight and offers high quality photo and video capabilities. Plus, the vlogging kit comes with a lightweight 12-32mm lens and a tripod grip! 

Being a content creator does not mean you need to break the bank and buy the most high-end camera gear on the market. If a camera’s not in the budget, there are plenty of affordable gear options that can vastly improve the quality of your work and in turn bring more eyes to your videos!


The old saying goes, “people will watch video in any quality but they WILL NOT listen to bad audio”. Luckily, there are an abundance of easy to use, minimal setup required, external audio recorders available. Clear, crisp, and concise audio is vital to maintain your audience's attention. Though you may hate the way your voice sounds on video, it is critical for connecting with your audience and getting them invested in your video content! 

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We have all found ourselves leaning our phones against the coffee cup next to our desk to watch a video, or against a stack of books in our room to take a selfie video clip. You may have tried recording a cool video of you walking around on vacation just to get motion sick watching the shaky video afterwards.

The common denominator in all of these situations is a lack of a steady, reliable, and stable support for your camera. No matter what camera you are using, they are not cheap. Invest in tools like tripods and gimbles to keep your camera and your video framing stable and consistent. Not only could this save your gear from damage but it’s important in maintaining your audience's attention.

Smooth and stable footage is the quickest and easiest way to make your video look professional! When using tripods and stabilizers, you have consistent control over your framing and have the ability to adapt the height and position of your camera easily.

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If you have the basics down already and are just looking to spice up your videos you should look into some creative lighting options! Splashing a bit of color in the background of your video or properly lighting your subject when vlogging can really add a professional and unique look to your video. These lighting options are small, compact, and very powerful for their size. Some of these lights can produce  standard kelvin value color or any other color you can think of in the RGB spectrum!

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Storage + Power

Make sure you always have the power and storage needed to keep the creativity flowing! Stock up on batteries and memory cards! 

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With these great pieces of gear and some creativity, you'll be well on your way to professional video content!  

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