A First Look At ProMasters EF to RF Lens Adapter
Canon's EOS R series cameras have been a big hit with current Canon shooters and brand converts. Canon gives you the choice of 4 different lens adapters; a basic one, one with a control rings and 2 drop in filter adapters (one with a CPL and one with a Variable ND). The basic adapter from Canon costs $99 - a reasonable price to pay if you want to use your EF mount glass on the new system. But in comes ProMaster with their EF to RF adapter - that retails at just $59.95. Third party adapters can be hit or miss sometimes with a cameras autofocus system. We decided to take the ProMaster EF-RF adapter out for a spin using a Canon R6 and Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary to see how it would perform.

Build Quality & Features

The build quality of the ProMaster EF-RF adapter is top notch. The adapter is constructed with an all-metal housing, and includes a built in tripod foot (Arca-type) that lets you quickly mount it on a tripod. This is especially useful with fast, wide lenses like the Sigma 14-24mm, Tamron 15-30mm, or Canon 11-24 as it helps bring the balance point closer to the center instead of being extremely front heavy when mounted on a tripod plate on the bottom of the camera. Better yet, the adapter retains all of the features that make Canon's mirrorless lineup great, including face/eye detection for both people and animals, and is compatible with the cameras that feature in-body image stabilization.

Autofocus Performance

When used on an R6 and a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens, the adapter performed flawlessly during a trip to the park. The camera easily picked up eyes of humans and animals when close enough, and would revert to face detection when the subject was far away.

When tracking birds, the focus stayed locked on, even when panning through some tree branches.

Final Thoughts

Many times people are weary of buying third party adapters, but after testing out the ProMaster EF-RF adapter with a popular birding lens that many Canon shooters have, we give it two thumbs up. Currently the basic Canon EF-RF adapter is hard to find in stock due to supply issues. Coming in at almost half the price, and having a handy tripod mount, the ProMaster EF-RF lens adapter is a no-brainer to pick up if you're looking to use your EF glass on your new Canon EOS R series body.

The ProMaster EF-RF Lens Adapter can be purchased here.