Westcott Fusion 10-in-1 Light Control System by Sal Cincotta

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Quick Overview

  • Portable 10-in-1 light shaping system reflects, blocks, diffuses, and enhances your lighting, all without an assistant
  • Compact 4’ x 6’ kit includes a collapsible aluminum frame with 3 multi-use panels (silver/sunlight, black/white, and diffusion), dual-speedlight clamp, 3 ground stakes, and travel case  
  • Control your lighting in any situation with 3 large interchangeable panels, perfect for full-length portraits, product photography, or video production
  • 5.5-Stop VR Image Stabilization
  • Designed for easy transport, the lightweight kit packs down to 28.5” x 7.5” x 6” for hassle-free portability 
  • The freestanding frame sets up in seconds, adjusts for stability and precise positioning, and firmly secures outdoors with the included 8.5” metal ground stakes
  • The reversible silver/sunlight panel reflects cool or warm light and has a shoot-through option for backlit situations, while the white/black panel reflects neutral tones, blocks light, provides negative fill, and serves as a background for closeup portraits or small subjects 
  • Get large, softbox-style lighting with the diffusion panel for beautiful soft light that covers your entire subject, utilizing natural light or a shoot-through setup with the included speedlight clamp
  • Combine 2 or more Fusion systems for additional creative lighting options, including a V-flat, wedge wall, and more
  • Backed by Westcott's 1-year warranty and US-based customer service, you can invest with confidence knowing that you'll receive prompt assistance and reliable technical support whenever you need it


Product Description

A Photographer’s Multi-Tool for Light Control
Be equipped to handle any lighting situation with the Westcott Fusion 10-in-1 Light Control System by Sal Cincotta. This 4’ x 6’ light shaping toolkit combines the benefits of large reflectors, diffusers, scrims, and backdrops into one portable, easy-to-use system.

Control Your Lighting with Minimal Gear
Fusion's design is all about maximizing your creative potential with minimal gear and a compact footprint. Each component is tailored for versatility, including the collapsible 4’ x 6’ aluminum frame, 3 multi-use panels (silver, sunlight, black, white, and diffusion surfaces), dual-speedlight clamp, 3 ground stakes, and travel case with shoulder strap.

Quickly Adapt to Changing Lighting Conditions
Whether you're working with natural light or flash, Fusion allows you to adapt to changing conditions. You can seamlessly reflect, block, diffuse, and enhance your lighting to match your creative vision. Each panel mounts quickly to the frame with 4 metal grommets. Whether you're dealing with the harsh midday sun or looking for that soft golden hour glow, the Fusion has you covered.

3 Large Multi-Use Panels
• Silver/Sunlight: Bounce light to fill in shadows and add slightly cool or warm tones to your images. Shoot-through the removable window to achieve the look of a 2-light setup with just one light, ideal for situations where your subject is backlit, providing even lighting for full-body portraits that stand out.
• White/Black: Use the white panel to soften and reflect light without changing its color, perfect for filling in shadows and creating a natural look. Utilize the black panel to block unwanted light or provide negative fill for depth and drama in your photos. Both sides can also function as backgrounds for close-up portraits or small subjects.
• Diffusion: Soften your light in the studio or on location using a strobe, LED, or natural light to create an even exposure from head to toe. With the included clamp, you can mount up to two off-camera flashes directly to the frame to transform the Fusion into a large softbox, providing soft, flattering light.

Your Assistant on Every Shoot
Designed for quick setup in seconds by a single person, the Fusion is ideal for on-location shoots. The freestanding frame's adjustable rear leg accommodates tight spaces, adapts to uneven terrain, and ensures precise light positioning. It narrows to a depth of 15” for use in compact spaces. Durable, 8.5” metal ground stakes are included for outdoor shoots. The speedlight clamp mounts up to 2 speedlights and features removable cold shoes with a 1/4"-20 female thread for optional spigot attachments. When your shoot is over, the collapsible system packs in the 28.5” x 7.5” x 6” travel case for effortless transport.

Limitless Lighting Options
Using two or more Fusion systems together unlocks even more creative lighting options, including a V-flat, wedge wall, 2-light setup and more. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bulky modifiers and embrace the convenience of Fusion - the photographer’s multi-tool for lighting control.

In The Box Westcott Fusion 10-in-1 Light Control System by Sal Cincotta
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