Westcott Full-Stop Diffusion Fabric for 7' Umbrella

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Short description

Quick Overview

  • For use with any Westcott 7' Umbrella
  • Create the effect of an Octabank
  • Perfectly paired with studio strobes
  • Diffuse light by one full stop
  • High-quality diffusion fabric
  • Quick set up and tear down

Product Description

Ultra-Soft Lighting

Pair this diffusion cover with a silver or white reflective parabolic umbrella to create soft, controlled portrait lighting on location or in the studio.

Portable Octabank-Style Output

Maximize the benefits of a parabolic umbrella with this diffusion cover. This portable, low-cost solution allows you to simulate sun on a cloudy day, similar to a large octagonal softbox.

Diffusion Fabric Attaches Instantly

We strive to use only the best fabrics available when designing our light modifiers and control systems. Our diffusion fabrics are pure in color and will not alter your light’s color temperature. This hassle-free diffusion cover securely attaches to a parabolic umbrella with elastic edging.

In The Box Westcott Umbrella Diffuser for Parabolic Umbrella
MFG Part# 4631D
Condition New