Promaster Premium Optic Cleaning Pen

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Contoured aluminum casing is refined, luxurious, and outstandingly durable
Suitable for lenses, fine optics, LCDs, and viewfinders
Striking, rich blue color — easy to find in a camera bag
Safely removes dirt, debris, dust, fingerprints, and smudges without liquid cleaners
Retractable, soft goat-hair brush
Dual-sided carbon tip with two shapes: round for lenses, and triangular for corners
Spare carbon tip included
Screw-on carbon replenishing cap
Pocket clip secures the pen within reach for easy access

Sleek, refined, and outstandingly durable. Keep your glass clean with the ultimate lens pen.



 Machined from high-grade aluminum, this Premium Optic Cleaning Pen provides a luxurious experience and level of durability unprecedented in lens pens, most of which are made from plastic. Its sophisticated deep blue color makes the pen easy to find in a camera bag or accessory pouch. A metal pocket clip helps secure the pen within reach for easy access from a shirt or pants pocket, coat, or bag.

One end of the pen contains a soft, goat-hair brush for removing dust and lint. It extends and retracts using a smooth twist mechanism that lets you set the brush to a desired length. The pen’s other end is equipped with a carbon tip for removing fingerprints and smudges without the need for any liquid cleaners or cleaning cloths. If you haven’t tried a carbon cleaning tip, you’ll be amazed at how well they work. The carbon tip is dual-sided, with a round end for cleaning lenses, and a triangular end for corners (particularly useful for viewfinders and LCDs).

The pen’s screw-on cap contains a carbon replenishing pad that extends the life of the carbon cleaning tip; a spare carbon tip is also included. Laser-etched icons on both ends of the pen provide a quick reference so that the brush and carbon ends can be easily identified.

Elevate your shooting experience and treat yourself to a top-of-the-line cleaning pen to accompany your fine optics and other quality gear.