Profoto Zoom Rod Small (Softbox Kit)

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Short description

Quick Overview

  • Zoom Rod Small with 4' RFi Octa Softbox
  • Includes RFi Speed Ring for Profoto
  • For RFi & Profoto Softboxes
  • Creates from Soft to Hard Light
  • Compatible with Soft Zoom Reflectors
  • Expands Light-Shaping Possibilities


Product Description

Profoto never tires of finding new ways to improve lighting. By introducing the Zoom Rod Small Softbox Kit, the brand now offers the possibility to achieve a softer or harder light in a multifaceted tool made for the included 4' RFi Octa and other RFi and Profoto softboxes. The Zoom Rod Small is also compatible with the previously released Soft Zoom Reflectors, keeping its characteristic of a flexible design that gives you both control and precision. Get soft and hard light and everything in between using the Zoom Rod Small and the included heat-resistant 4' RFi Octa softbox. Use it with or without a diffuser to create the look you want.
The Profoto Zoom Rod S is the perfect tool for creative photographers who like to think outside the
softbox. It lets you shape light with minimal effort and works for both flat fronts and protruded heads.

Softbox Kit
This kit pairs the convenient Zoom Rod Small lighting accessory with a 4' diameter RFi Octa softbox suited to groups, portraiture, fashion shoots, or any work that requires the unique wraparound qualities of an 8-sided light source. An RFi speed ring for Profoto is also provided to quickly fit the RFi softbox.
Zoom-In, Zoom-Out Design
Whether you're using flat-front or protruding Profoto flash heads, the Zoom Rod Small is designed for photographers who want to explore creative and unique lighting effects. By attaching and adjusting the Zoom Rod Small, you can quickly transform your scenes with its zooming capability. This allows you to control the extent of your softbox's usage. For optimal results, it is highly recommended to use the larger Octa and Rectangular shapes of the optional RFi and Profoto softboxes, which are perfectly compatible with the Zoom Rod Small.
  • Broadens your light-shaping options
  • Enables creation of both soft and hard light
  • User-friendly design
  • Lightweight construction for consistent performance
  • Functions with or without optional diffusers
  • Compatible with various sizes of optional softboxes
Additional Information
Please note that the Zoom Rod Small is not for use with HMI or tungsten lights.

Profoto Zoom Rod Softbox Kit Specs

Key Specs
Item Type
Softbox (8-Sided Octagon Shape)
Interior Color
Light Compatibility
Includes Bracket/Speed Ring
Accepts Grids
Yes (Not Included)


Interior Color
Light Compatibility
Includes Bracket/Speed Ring
Quick Open Type
Accepts Grids
Yes (Not Included)
Removable Front Face
Interior Baffle
Yes, Removable
ø: 4.2' / ø: 128 cm
3.5 lb / 1.6 kg
In The Box Profoto Zoom Rod Small (Softbox Kit), Zoom Rod Small, RFi Octa Softbox (4'), RFi Speed Ring for Profoto, Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, Registration Extension: 1-Year
MFG Part# 901186
Condition New