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Short description

Quick Overview

  • Magnetic Speed Ring for Hot Shoe Flashes
  • Attach Any MagBox Pro Softbox to Front
  • Holds a Single Round Head Flash
  • Fits Two Standard Flashes Side by Side
  • Mounts on Stands via Optional MagShoe 2
  • Supports Variety of MagMod Accessories


Product Description

The MagMod MagRing 2 is a magnetic speed ring for attaching MagMod MagBox softboxes to hot shoe flashes. The MagRing 2 provides an efficient solution for doing this. It fits either a single round head flash or two standard ones side by side. An optional MagGrip 2 accessory is additionally required for attaching the flash. The MagGrip is a small silicone accessory that secures over the flash head and lets you magnetically snap the flash unit onto the MagRing 2.

Installation of the flash takes only a few seconds. Open the two doors of this MagRing, magnetically attach your flash unit(s), and shut the doors. Your softbox can then be mounted on the front, also magnetically. All MagBox Pro softboxes are compatible.

Before securing the softbox, you can also attach various MagMod modifiers to the front of this speed ring. For example, with your flash unit already installed, you can magnetically attach the MagGrid 2 honeycomb grid to the front of the speed ring, and then mount your softbox over the grid.

The entire setup can then be mounted on a light stand using an optional MagShoe 2. The MagRing has a native shoe mount. The MagShoe offers a matching shoe mount on top and has a light stand mount on the bottom.

Some Compatible Flashes
  • Canon: 380EX, 420EX, 430EX, 430EX II, 540EZ, 550EX, 580EX, 580EX II, 600EX-RT, Canon EL-1
  • Godox: AD200, TT350S, V850II, TT685S, V860II, TT660II, TT520II, V1
  • Profoto: A1, A1X, A10
  • Sony: HVL-F60M, HVL-F58AM, HVL-F56AM
  • Nikon: SB-24, SB-25, SB-26, SB-28(DX) SB-50DX, SB-80DX, SB-600, SB-700, SB-800, SB-900, SB-910
  • Olympus: FL-50R, FL-600R
  • Yongnuo: YN560, YN560-II, YN560-III, YN568EX-II, YN565EX
  • Neewer: TT560, NW680/TT680
  • Bolt: VX-710, VX-760, VS-510, VS-560
  • Bower: SFD680C, SFD728, SFD885, SFD926, SFD970
  • Pentax: AF540FGZ, AF540FGZ II, AF360FGZ
  • Sigma: EF-610
  • Metz: 44 AF-1, 52 AF-1, 52 AF-2, 58 AF-1, 58 AF-2
  • Vivitar: DF-286, DF-293, DF-383, DF-483, DF-583, 385HV
  • Phottix: Mitros, Mitros+
  • Nissin: i40, i60


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