LumoPro 7.5' Compact Light Stand with Strap


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Quick Overview

  • Easily carry your light stand without a case
  • Great for location shooters 
  • Durable and adjustable strap

Product Description

The LP605S 7.5' Compact Light Stand with Carrying Strap builds on the success of the LP605 with the addition of a carrying strap for easier portability. The adjustable strap allows photographers to carry the stand over their shoulder or cross-body, similar to a sling. The strap on the LP605S is secured to the stand via a hook-and-loop system belt near the top of the stand and a durable, metal carabiner near the base. If desired, the strap can also be easily detached when not in use.

The stand is made of aluminum with metal locking collars, 5 sections and 4 risers. Retractable legs fold tight to the center column to make the LP605S one of the most compact stands of its class. The LP605S is the ideal support for lightweight lighting kits, on location or in the studio. Similar to other LumoPro light stands, built-in ground spikes can be used to secure the stand on semi-soft surfaces. Drive the spikes into the ground on location to help keep your stand from falling over. If the spikes or strap don't appeal to you, these are easily removable! 

The light stand features a standard 5/8" with 3/8" thread and includes the LP605-3 3/8" to 1/4"-20 Adapter.

Carry Strap Attachment Instructions:

1. Using your finger, open the included ring to attach it to the ring to the base hole of the stand
2. Ensure the ring is secure on the base hole of the stand.
3. Pinch open the carabiner attached to the strap to secure the strap to the base hole of the stand.
4. After securing the base of the stand, lay the hook and loop side of the strap under the top of the stand.
5. Insert the hook and loop side of the strap through the metal belt attachment.
6. Tighten the strap by pulling through the strap.
7. Fold over the hook and loop material to secure the top of the strap to the top of the stand.

In The Box
  • LumoPro 7.5' Compact Light Stand - LP605S
  • Carrying Strap
MFG Part# LP605S
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