HoldFast Gear Money Maker Skinny Bridle Leather Chestnut - Medium


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Short description

Quick Overview

  • Designed to Hold 2 Cameras
  • Carry 1 at Each Hip
  • Comfortable 'X' Pattern Harness
  • Speed Clutch for Fast Access
  • Two 1/4"-20 Holdfast Accessory Clips
  • Two Sliders for Easier Vertical Shooting
  • Bridle Leather
  • Made in the USA

Product Description

Take into consideration that due to such high order volume some products may not ship immediately as they may be made to order. If you need something quickly please email to check availability.

We at HF use REAL full grain leathers. As such, each hide will display the unique life that the animal lived showing scars from brands, barbed-wire cuts, stretch marks, insect bites, marks from birthing and even natural wrinkles, etc. One of the beauties of leather is that no two cowhides are alike, because each hide comes from animals that have lived different lives! These scars are not "defects" in the leather, but instead, proof that we actually use real full grain leather which is the absolute BEST leather money can buy. We do not throw out good hides because of scars, rather we embrace these natural markings as part of the story, to which you will now add to. So if you happen to receive a MoneyMaker or one of my products with a scar or brand in the leather, know that you now own a 1-of-a kind piece.

The Money Maker is built to last a lifetime and on all day shoots in any location—a movie set, wedding, urban jungle, or the wild wild west. EVERY MONEYMAKER IS MADE LOCALLY, RIGHT HERE IN OKLAHOMA!

Each MoneyMaker comes with EVERYTHING you need to shoot with two cameras including Sliders, safety catches & 2 Camera HoldFasts. Directions: 1. Install the Camera HoldFast (screw) into the tripod mount of your camera. 2. Install the split ring from the Safety Catch directly to the left side lug of your camera. 3. Attach the Sailboat clip (on the MoneyMaker Slider) to the screw loop, then attach the Safety Catch clip to the previously installed split ring on the left side. 4. Please refer to our videos page for more details and explanations.

If you shoot with your long hair down we recommend making an order without the D rings for the ORIGINAL MoneyMaker, it is not necessary with the SKINNY MoneyMaker. To order WITHOUT D rings simply select that option in the drop down menu. If you don't know what d rings are, they are metal loops on the shoulder area of the MoneyMaker that you can attach things to…like on a backpack strap.

Fitting and Sizing

Fit is based on HEIGHT & BROADNESS. The ideal carrying position of the MoneyMaker is for the strap to fall about 4" below the armpit so the cameras stay high on the body.

SMALL= Height of 5'7" (170 cm) and below (if you are broad/built then size up)

MEDIUM= Height between 5'8"-6'2" (173 - 188 cm) (if you are slender then size down, broad or built size up)

LARGE= Height of 6'3" (191 cm) and above OR wear extra large clothing

Ideally, you want the straps of the MM to fall about 4-5" below the arm pits. Optimum fit will ensure the most comfort long term. If the MoneyMaker is worn too loose it causes the cameras to swing and sway too much, which puts pressure on your lower back while at the same time the straps will tend to move and slip more. When worn properly, the MoneyMaker will be anchored to the body and actually help to correct poor shooting posture by pulling your shoulders upright and back, keeping you and your cameras in line. So when the main straps are around 4” below the arm pit area, this in most cases will place the clip that attaches to the camera right around your waist line. So there should be a good amount of arm bend when your hand is on the camera at resting position and this is what you want!

In The Box HoldFast Gear Money Maker Bridle Skinny 2 Camera Harness (Chestnut, Medium)
2 x The Camera Holdfast Accessory Clip
2 x Portrait Slider
Limited Lifetime Warranty
MFG Part# SMM01-CH-M
Condition New


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