Delkin Devices Extension Kit

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Quick Overview

  • A three-piece set
  • Allows to achieve the most precise shooting and filming angles
  • Rugged Construction
  • Includes: 2 Extension Length Options, 360 Rotating Knuckle
  • Compatible with both the Fat Gecko Dual Mount and Fat Gecko Vise Mount
  • Short Extension Length: 1
  • Long Extension Length: 4
  • Rotating Knuckle (providing further extension) Dimensions: 3 x 1

Product Description

Shoot your still images or videos at any desired shooting angle with the Delkin Devices Extension Kit for Fat Gecko Dual and Gator Camera Mounts. This extension kit comes as a three-piece set which can be set to preferred positions to achieve the most precise shooting and filming angles. It is compatible with the Fat Gecko Dual Mount and the Fat Gecko Vise Mount to provide a more custom fit. It helps in offering the much needed additional length and depth for precise quality imaging. This kit comprises of two extension shafts and a 360 degree rotating knuckle that offers desirable adjustments.

In The Box Delkin Devices Extension Kit 
MFG Part# 1142
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