The Perfect Podcast with RØDE

Since 2019 podcasts have grown by over 200 million daily listeners, projected to reach over 500 million listeners this year alone. With the average listener spending over 7 hours per week listening to podcasts across platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts, the industry has evolved into a 23 billion dollar industry. Whether it be daily news, talk shows, or some other creative outlet, it’s safe to say that podcasts have taken over the radio market and now  is the best time to jump on the bandwagon if you are a creator yourself. 

Whether you think it would just be a fun little hobby to do with your friends and colleagues, or if you think you have the next great podcast idea, you will need some basic equipment to get you started. Lucky for you Pixel Connection has you covered with an entire range of RØDE podcast production gear! 


Sure you could just use your phone but if you’re looking to actually gain a positive viewership or in this case “listenership” the quality of your voice is extremely important. Nobody will watch a video that has poor audio quality no matter how cinematic the video looks and you can expect the same result when your voice is the sole factor for your podcast quality. Investing in a quality microphone that suits your voice can be an intimidating purchase but here are some great options to get you started! 

The RØDE PodMic is classified as “the best bang for your buck” microphone in the community. Best suited for those who have a deeper voice, the PodMic is a broadcast-grade end-address microphone optimized for podcasting and other speech applications. It features an in-built pop filter, making it easy to achieve that classic 'radio' sound heard on the world's best podcasts, and an integrated swing mount, allowing you to position your microphone exactly where you need it to be. Retailing at $100, with a USB plug-and-play option for $200 this microphone is a great choice for those who are looking to get started on a budget. 

For those looking for a more professional sound the RØDE NT1 5th Generation is the latest evolution of the iconic NT1. First introduced in 1991, the NT1 is the world’s most popular studio microphone, renowned for its warm, classic sound and incredible versatility. The NT1 5th Generation takes the much-loved and respected core of the NT1 and introduces state-of-the-art features while preserving the legendary sound quality that made the original the go-to microphone for countless creators. A perfect marriage of tradition and innovation. This microphone also comes in a variety of colors if you’re looking to match your studio look through-and-through.

The RØDE Podcaster microphone is a dynamic end-address USB microphone that combines broadcast-quality audio with the simplicity of USB connectivity. It features a premium dynamic capsule with a tight polar pattern providing excellent room noise rejection, plus an internal shockmount for superior isolation from knocks, bumps and keyboard sounds and an internal pop filter for minimizing plosives. A headphone output on the microphone body allows for zero-latency monitoring, so you can hear exactly what is being recorded, free of delay or echo. Delivering high-quality audio with an incredible ease of use.

If your podcast features more than one voice we highly encourage you to check out devices like the RØDECaster Duo. It’s incredibly simple to navigate with its large high-definition touchscreen, tactile rotary encoder and broadcast-quality faders giving you hands-on control over every aspect of your sound. No matter what your setup looks like, the RØDECaster Duo offers complete flexibility when it comes to connectivity, making it the perfect control center for your audio productions. It features two USB interfaces for dual computer setups, a USB port that works seamlessly with iOS devices, and you can record ultra-high-quality phone calls or stream audio in high-definition via the advanced bluetooth connection.


And now comes the fun part, all the little bits and bobs that you don’t necessarily realize you will need until it’s time to hit record. For more information on any of these items or questions regarding starting a podcast please reach out to us here! 

To connect your microphone to your audio recording devices you will need a high-quality XLR cable! 

Unless you’re looking to hold your microphone you will need a microphone stand! The RØDE DS2 is a great affordable and easy to use option.

If you’re looking to get your microphone off your desk and out of the way, plus add an extra level of professionalism to your podcast if you’re recording video as well. Check out our Promaster Desktop Broadcast Stands! 

Of course gear is one thing but here are some important tips to keep in mind when starting your own podcast!

Define Your Niche: Choose a specific topic for your podcast to focus on. This helps you target a specific audience and stand out among the many podcasts available. Think news, interviews, gossip, storytelling, or even just relatability. 

Know Your Audience: Understand who your listeners are and what they want to hear. Tailor your content to meet their interests and expectations. Without a consistent theme it can be difficult for your audience to find you. 

Engaging Host and Guests: Be engaging, enthusiastic, and step out of your comfort zone. If you have guests on your show you should choose people who can offer interesting perspectives and interpretation of your subject. People love a relatable voice and even more so an interesting one. 

Consistent Schedule: The most difficult aspect of podcasting is remaining consistent. Release episodes on a regular expected schedule so your listeners can follow along your journey and know when to expect you.

Promote Feedback: Encourage listeners to leave reviews and provide feedback. This can help improve and grow your podcast for the better and may even spark new ideas you had not yet considered. Your audience will drive your podcast to popularity so you may as well hear what they have to say. 

Keep it Concise: While the length of your podcast may vary depending on your niche, aim for a length that suits your audience’s preferences and can maintain their engagement. Whatever length the podcast needs to be is what it should be, not what you necessarily want it to be. 

Stay Up-to-Date: Keep an eye on trends and news within your niche to provide relevant and timely content. People love to hear stories about relatable topics and outside perspectives. 

HAVE FUN: The most important of all. Let your personality shine through and enjoy the process. Your enthusiasm can be contagious and keep your listeners coming back for more. When you’re excited to be making the content, it will always pay off!

Practice makes perfect and there is no better day to start your podcasting journey than today! We can’t wait to hear it! 

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