Backdrops for Seamless Studio Photography!

Seamless backdrops are large pieces of material, often paper, fabric, or vinyl that are used as backgrounds in photography and videography. They are popular because they create a clean, unobstructed, and uniform background that helps draw attention to the subject of the photo or video and are an extremely useful resource for portraits, vlogging, or even product photography! So here’s what you need to know when choosing your backdrops.



The most common materials for seamless backdrops include:

Paper - seamless paper has been renowned for decades as the go-to for arranging backdrops behind subjects. They are affordable and come in a plethora of color options, check out our color collection!

Fabric - seamless fabric backdrops are often made of muslin or polyester. They are very durable and less prone to creasing like paper. Plus, many are machine washable and reusable. 


Seamless backdrops come in various widths and lengths to accommodate different studio sizes and shooting scenarios. Our paper selection comes in three sizes labeled by their width from side to side.

Small - 53” suitable for up to full length portraits of a single individual or fairly large subjects

Medium - 86” the most common and versatile backdrop size used to create images with multiple people (up to three) or very large objects 

Large - 107” the largest option for many colors, its width is great for group portraits or families with room for around four people or very large objects

Wider and longer paper rolls are heavier and can be more difficult to work with though they’re helpful if you have a large group of people to photograph or other special circumstances! 


If you’re looking for a fabric option, consider checking out the Westcott X-Drop Backdrops! The Westcott X-Drop backdrops come in three fabric sizes that can be adjusted depending on the look you are trying to achieve in your image. These backdrop stands feature a quick setup and tear down design. The three legs spread out quickly and are freestanding. The three telescopic top arms slide into the main frame. The bottom tips of the stand are rubber and designed for stability. There are little black hooks on the top and bottom of the stand where you secure the backdrop using its grommets. The included travel case with non-removable, adjustable shoulder strap holds the stand and up to three backdrops. Check them out for a quick, travel ready, backdrop system!

Westcott Fabric Size options ( 5x7’ , 5x12’ , 8x8’ , 8x13’ )

Support Systems:

Seamless paper backdrops are typically hung from backdrop stands or wall mounted clamps and crossbars, while fabric backdrops can be expanded to fit across appropriate stands and mounts


Proper care and maintenance are essential for keeping seamless backdrops in good condition:

For paper backdrops, avoid stepping on them to prevent tearing or creasing. Cut off any damaged sections to maintain a smooth surface.

Fabric backdrops can be ironed or steamed to remove wrinkles and are usually machine washable. 


Overall, seamless backdrops are a staple in studio photography due to their simplicity, versatility, and ease of use. Choose the right material and size based on your specific needs and shooting environment, or stop by our store and check out our line of backdrop options for yourself! 

Stay tuned to learn more about how to take better photos on your seamless backdrops!

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