RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR 8K S35 Production Pack (RF, V-Mount)


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  • V-RAPTOR 8K S35 Sensor DSMC3 Camera
  • 2 x 2TB PRO CFexpress Cards & 1 x Reader
  • 4 x REDVOLT MICRO-V Batteries
  • RED Touch 7.0" LCD, Dual V-Mount Charger
  • Top Plate, Top Handle with Extensions
  • Expander Blade, V-Mount Adapter
  • Quick Release Platform Pack
  • 5-Pin to Dual-XLR Audio Adapter
  • Side Ribs, Production Plate & Grip


Product Description

Capture stunning Super35 images in resolutions up to 8K120 using the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 DSMC3 camera and a robust complement of accessories with the V-mount V-RAPTOR 8K S35 Production Pack from RED DIGITAL CINEMA. This bundle includes the 8K S35-format camera, four REDVOLT MICRO-V 98Wh V-mount batteries, a dual-battery charger, two 2TB PRO CFexpress cards and one card reader, a RED Touch 7" LCD monitor, a tactical top plate with a V-mount battery adapter, a top handle with extensions, an expander blade, a quick release platform pack, a 5-pin to dual-XLR adapter, side ribs and production plates, and an AC power supply for the camera. Read more below about the components in this pack.


Choose 8K Super35 capture for your productions with the black V-RAPTOR 8K S35 CameraRED DIGITAL CINEMA's newest DSMC3 model that incorporates an 8K, 35.4MP S35 CMOS sensor. With 16.5+ stops of dynamic range, speedy cine-level scan time, and optimal low-light performance, the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 is ready to bring RED quality imaging to your Super35-format imaging. Its multi-format recording options include 8/7/6/5/4/3/2K, with REDCODE Raw, Apple ProRes, anamorphic, and proxy selections.

The V-RAPTOR 8K S35's active RF lens mount enables you to adapt your capture for each project using a wide array of pro cine or still photo lenses and can be used with an EF lens adapter. Phase-detect and contrast autofocus is available when used with compatible lenses. This combination of Super35 capture, lens versatility, autofocus (for select lenses), and the compact DSMC3 form enables the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 to fit seamlessly into your wildlife and broadcast projects or other shoots involving lots of handheld work and company moves to multiple locations.

Super35 Sensor and 8K Capture Options
35.4MP CMOS S35 Sensor
  • The V-RAPTOR 8K S35's Super35mm 35.4 MP CMOS sensor provides a practical alternative to full-frame capture that is particularly suitable for in-the-field productions while still offering the high resolution and shallow depth of field beloved by cine-style shooters.
  • 16.5+ stops of dynamic range give the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 the ability to capture stunning images in any environment you explore
Up to 8K Capture
  • A wide range of resolutions and frame rates enables the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 to capture up to 120 fps in 8K, 240 fps in UHD 4k, and 480 fps in 2K, with anamorphic options available in 6K, 7K, and 8K.
  • The 8K resolution provides the ability to crop multiple shots in a lower resolution from a single 8K take.
Wide Array of Compatible Lenses
  • Super35 lens choices provide a more compact form while offering a wide range of zoom and prime lenses for both broadcast and cine-style productions.
  • The locking Canon RF lens mount supports select RF to Canon EF-mount adapters, further expanding your lens selection.
  • Phase-detect and contrast autofocus is available with compatible lenses.
The compact form, availability of a wide array of compatible lenses, and the classic Super35 look make the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 ideal for wildlife, broadcast, and cine-style productions.
Compact DSMC3 Form
Side Control Panel
  • Conveniently located on the assistant's side, an easy-to-navigate, 2.4" LCD panel provides comprehensive control, including status updates, in-camera format selection, and customizable buttons.
  • The V-RAPTOR 8K S35's compact and durable DSMC3 form features micro-V battery compatibility, several monitor options, CFexpress card capture, and a modular design that, when paired with a compact Super35 lens, creates a portable, ergonomic form.
The LCD panel is for camera control only; it does not provide preview video.
  • Built-in interfaces include dual 12G/6G/3G-SDI video outputs, genlock, timecode, GPIO, and RS-232 ports.
  • Wireless 1080p video preview and camera control are available via dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • A 5-pin audio port provides a dual channel mic/line input with +48V phantom power.
Power Options
Power the V-RAPTOR 8K S35 camera using the integrated battery interface and a Micro V-mount battery or the included AC power adapter.
RED DIGITAL CINEMA 2TB PRO CFexpress 2.0 Type B Memory Card

Certified for RED V-RAPTOR camera systems, the 2TB PRO CFexpress 2.0 Type B Memory Card from RED offers protection from overheating, operates with a reduced power draw, and helps to ensure high bitrate captures. This card can capture all frame rates and resolutions, including Full HD and raw 4K, 6K, 8K, and 12K video. It features a capacity of 2TB and uses the PCIe 3.0 x2 bus to deliver maximum read/write speeds of 800 MB/s.

Designed and manufactured by Angelbird for RED, the PRO CFexpress 2.0 Type B series has been engineered with protection against shock, dust, water, temperature extremes, and x-rays, and has an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) rating of 2.4 million hours. Included is lifetime data protection and an activation code for the full limited 3-year warranty. To receive the full limited warranty, the product needs to be registered on the Angelbird Personal Service Portal within 30 days after purchase. If not registered within this period, the market-specific legal guarantee period comes into force.

This RED PRO CFexpress card is not compatible with DSMC, DSMC2, RED RANGER, or KOMODO camera systems.
RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV cinema camera
RED CFexpress card reader
General Features
2TB capacity
Max Read/Write Speed: 800 MB/s
Stable Stream
CFexpress 2.0 Type B
For photos, HD videos, and raw 4K to 12K resolutions
Y1 processor designed for raw video and photo content
Adaptive Power Management helps preserve battery life and card endurance
Host Power Loss Protection
Advanced Thermal Management helps protect the card, camera, and stored content
Free data recovery service at the hardware and software levels
Sticker Free
Mean Time Between Failures of up to 2.4 million hours
Temperature Sensor, TRIM, ECC, EMS Protection, Built-In Cache, and SMART
Overheating Protection
With Angelbird's adaptive thermal management system, you can feel confident that your data is protected from the threat of potential damage due to camera overheating during long shoots.
AV Pro Line Offers Quality and Performance
The AV Pro product line pushes the limits of speed and performance in the safest possible way. All AV Pro media solutions consider the real-world media needs of the professional creative and feature Stable Stream performance technology, which is ideal for high- definition, lossless (drop-fee) video recording and smooth data processing.

The entire lineup of Angelbird's AV Pro media solutions is built with rock-solid performance protections such as, shock, dust, x-ray, and splash-water proofing, and are tested for safe operating temperatures at extremes of -13 to 185°F.
Free Professional Data Recovery Service
Angelbird offers free professional data recovery service on all its products. In lieu of a self-service software download, Angelbird provides a staff of professionals who will evaluate the issue and safely attempt a secure data-recovery in their lab along with complementary express shipping. This service covers media that has encountered physical damage and/or software issues such as data or file corruption. Furthermore, Angelbird extends a non-disclosure agreement to their customers to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of their content is also protected.
RED DIGITAL CINEMA CFexpress Card Reader

The CFexpress Card Reader from RED allows for the fast ingestion of the RED PRO 660GB CFexpress media card on systems that support 20 Gb/s USB 3.2 Gen 2x2. Built with a USB Type-C interface, power is received through the USB bus, meaning that no external power sources are required. The reader features a write-protect switch on the back to protect your data.

RED PRO 660GB CFexpress card

Power your KOMODO V-RAPTOR camera with the MICRO-V Battery from RED DIGITAL CINEMA. This 98Wh battery features a compact, lightweight form, up to 12A draw, and data transmission of the remaining time and select accessory information. Designed in conjunction with battery-maker Core SWX, the compact REDVOLT BP is compatible with select other cameras when used with a full-size V-mount adapter.

Not compatible with the KOMODO but may be compatible with DSMC, DSMC2, and RANGER systems when used with a V-mount adapter.
  • RED V-RAPTOR camera
  • Select other cameras using a full-size V-mount adapter
Lightweight, Compact Form
  • Ideal for handheld capture
  • Weighs just over 1 lb and measures less than 4" wide
In-Camera Display
Communicates with your V-RAPTOR and select accessories to offer in-camera status display
RED DIGITAL CINEMA Compact Dual Battery Charger (V-Mount)

Charge two V-mount batteries for use with a DSMC3 cinema camera such as the V-RAPTOR 8K VV while on location with the RED Compact Dual V-Mount Battery Charger. Taking advantage of the same technology built into the larger fleet chargers, this compact charger can charge two V-mount REDVOLT MICRO-V or REDVOLT XL-V batteries at a 3A rate. Designed and manufactured in partnership with Core SWX, the charger can charge two REDVOLT MICRO-V 98Wh batteries in less than five hours. A power cable is included.

This dual charger was designed in partnership with Core SWX and is compatible with most V-mount batteries. Contact Core SWX for issues or troubleshooting.
RED REDVOLT XL-V batteries
Most V-mount batteries
RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0" LCD Monitor (Direct Mount)

Add a direct-mount onboard monitor to your DSMC3 camera rig with this DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0" LCD Monitor from RED DIGITAL CINEMA. The RED Touch features daylight viewing, a wide 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and touchscreen control for DSMC3 cameras, such as the V-RAPTOR 8K VV. The monitor features a high 322 ppi pixel density, 1920 x 1200 resolution, 1250:1 contrast ratio, and 1300 cd/m² brightness that combine to offer high-quality imaging.

This monitor attaches directly to your DSMC3 BRAIN using the Pogo mount, and it provides video, data, and power to the monitor from the camera. If you need to use the Pogo mount for another accessory, the monitor also features a locking USB Type-C connector that alternately allows you to pass video, data, and power to the camera. The monitor features a tilt mount that allows it to tilt 180°.

This DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0" LCD monitor is not compatible with DSMC, DSMC2, RED RANGER, or KOMODO camera systems.
Designed for daylight viewing with 322 ppi, 1920 x 1200 resolution, and 1800 cd/m² brightness
1920 x 1200 resolution and wide 100% DCI-P3 color gamut for optimal imaging
Mounts directly onto the BRAIN using the Pogo mount
USB Type-C connector is used for video, data, and power
Runs SmallHD PageOS software that provides camera control
Tilt arm with 180° rotation
RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR Tactical Top Plate with Battery Adapter (V-Mount)

Use the V-RAPTOR Tactical Top Plate with Battery Adapter from RED DIGITAL CINEMA to securely mount a V-mount battery on your V-RAPTOR BRAIN. Comprised of a top plate, a front cheese plate, and a battery adapter, this snazzy red and black system provides one D-Tap and two 2-pin LEMO ports plus multiple 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and M4 accessory mounting threads.

  • V-mount batteries
Not compatible with DSMC, DSMC2, RED RANGER, or KOMODO camera systems.
Battery Mount and Power Outputs
This top plate and battery plate combo enables you to securely mount a larger battery on your V-RAPTOR, providing both longer running times and accessory power
Accessory Mounts
The top plate and the front cheese plate both provide numerous 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and M4 accessory threads
RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR Top Handle with Extensions

The RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR Top Handle with Extensions provides a complete modular top handle solution for the V-RAPTOR, allowing for lightweight or extended wraparound style configurations. It features a dedicated start/stop button, ergonomic bocote wood inlays, and multiple 3/8"-16 and 1/4"-20 mounting points. Additionally, this includes the 1", 3", and 5" top handle extension pieces, an elbow piece and a 15mm Monitor Mount.

The V-RAPTOR Top Handle is not compatible with DSMC, DSMC2, RED RANGER or KOMODO camera systems.
V-RAPTOR Tactical Top Plate is required to secure Top Handle Support Arm to the camera.

Mount the RED V-RAPTOR Expander Blade to your V-Raptor camera to gain video, power, and communication ports, enabling a wide choice in how you configure your camera for professional applications. The Expander Blade attaches to your camera via the camera's 9-pin EXT port and is supported by the included ARCA plate.

Once attached, the Expander plate provides a BNC connector (Genlock video), 5-pin connector for timecode, 4-pin connector for RED CTRL, and 3-pin Fischer for Run/Stop. Please note that the 3-pin Run/Stop is only for trigger, and it does not supply power.

The V-RAPTOR Expander Module is for DSMC3 cameras only, and it is not compatible with DSMC, DSMC2, RED RANGER, or KOMODO camera systems.
RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR Quick Release Platform Pack

Designed for V-RAPTOR camera users, the RED V-RAPTOR Quick Release Platform Pack is a sturdy yet compact QR plate release system for mounting and balancing your V-Raptor on a tripod. The platform, or baseplate, features 15mm LWS rod clamps and includes two 15mm rods, allowing you to use standard lens supports and accessories such as matte boxes, follow focus units, lens motors, and more with your V-RAPTOR. The platform slides onto the included dovetail plate and has a lever lock to clamp it in place once you have found the balance point you want.

The platform has a lever lock for clamping the included Arca plate in place, as well as a spring-loaded safety catch to help prevent the Arca plate from accidentally sliding off the platform. The dovetail plate has multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded mounting holes along its length for attaching to a tripod, and the combination of the sliding platform, Arca plate, and dovetail with its multiple mounting holes allows you to balance a variety of shooting configurations. In addition to supporting your camera, the QR Platform Pack also supports optional battery adapter plates, the RED V-RAPTOR Expander Blade, and RED Side Ribs for added versatility.

The V-RAPTOR Quick Release Platform Pack is not compatible with DSMC, DSMC2, RED RANGER, or KOMODO camera systems.
  • The Arca plate features two 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holes at the front of the plate, and a total of 14 x M4 threaded holes around the front and sides
  • A locating pin and rubber grip pads along the top of the Arca plate help prevent your camera from twisting on the plate
RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC3 5-Pin to Dual XLR 3-Pin Adapter

Add two XLR inputs to your V-RAPTOR camera with the RED DSMC3 5-Pin to Dual XLR 3-Pin Adapter. Connect the included 5-pin ODU cable to your camera's ODU port, and the other end of the cable to the adapter's port. The adapter can provide 48V phantom power and supports both mic and line-level inputs. It mounts to the V-Raptor using a 3/8"-26 screw, and has anti-twist pins to prevent it from spinning on your camera. The unit also features 6 x M2.5 screw holes for future accessories.


DSMC AC Power Adapter (150W)
Mini World Travel Adapter Kit
RED Logo Sticker
Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
2 x RED DIGITAL CINEMA 2TB PRO CFexpress 2.0 Type B Memory Card
Lifetime Data Protection
Limited 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty (must be activated with Angelbird within 30 days of purchase)
RED DIGITAL CINEMA CFexpress Card Reader
USB Type-C 3.2 Cable
USB Type-A to Type-C Adapter
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Limited 90-Day Manufacturer Warranty
RED DIGITAL CINEMA Compact Dual Battery Charger (V-Mount)
Power Cable
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC3 RED Touch 7.0" LCD Monitor (Direct Mount)
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR Tactical Top Plate with Battery Adapter (V-Mount)
Top Plate
Front Cheese Plate
V-Mount Battery Adapter
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR Top Handle with Extensions
Extension (1")
Extension (3")
Extension (5")
Elbow Piece
15mm Monitor Mount
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
Arca Plate
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
RED DIGITAL CINEMA V-RAPTOR Quick Release Platform Pack
Quick Release Platform
Dovetail Mounting Plate (Short)
Dovetail Mounting Plate (Long)
Arca Plate
2 x 15mm Rod
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC3 5-Pin to Dual XLR 3-Pin Adapter
Right-Angle Mounting Bracket
2 x 1/4"-20 Mounting Screw
Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
V-RAPTOR Production Plate
RED Production Grip
MFG Part# 7100375
Condition New