Nikon F3 35mm Camera Body, Black with DE-2 Prism Finder *USED*

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Quick Overview

  • Professional SLR 35mm film camera
  • Rugged construction designed for heavy use
  • Interchangeable finders
  • Light Meter
  • High magnification .8x prism viewfinder with LCD display and viewfinder illumination
  • Aperture Priority autoexposure
  • Electronically timed shutter
  • 1/90s mechanical back-up shutter speed
  • TTL flash metering with compatible Speedlights
  • Interchangeable focus screens
  • Depth-of-Field preview
  • Mirror lock-up
  • Built-in timer
  • Multiple Exposure control
  • Flash Sync PC socket
  • Compatible with non-Ai lenses
  • Compatible with dedicated MD-4 Motor Drive


Product Description

The Nikon F3 is a professional level SLR 35mm film camera. It's extremely solid no-nonsense design and practical pro oriented feature set have made the camera a legend. It's been one of the main go to choices for photojournalists and pros all over the world. Along the way it's secured a reputation of durability and reliability that very few other cameras enjoy.

The F3 body is designed to be a true professional workhorse able to endure heavy use in demanding conditions. Just like the other top of the line Nikon models that came before it, the F3 amenities include a mirror lock-up, interchangeable finders, depth of field preview, and a PC flash sync socket. The F3 is the first pro Nikon body to not use a fully mechanical shutter. Instead the F3 uses two readily available PX76 style batteries to a power a more accurate electronically timed shutter and single mechanical back-up shutter speed of 1/80 is provided. The F3 also has an Aperture Priority auto exposure mode useable with Ai (Automatic Indexing) lenses and later lenses. Non-Ai lenses are useable on the camera with stop-down metering.

The F3 was often paired with it's equally well known MD-4 dedicated Motor Drive which can wind film at 5 frames per second and also features powered rewind at nearly the same speed. The F3 also features TTL flash metering with compatible Speedlights such as the powerful SB-16A.

Nikon introduced the F3 in 1980 with the .8X DE-2 prism finder. In 1981 Nikon introduced the DE-3 High Eyepoint prism finder for the F3. When an F3 is paired with a DE-3 it's referred to as a F3HP. Users who wear glasses may prefer the DE-3's extra eye relief and users who wear contacts or don't wear glasses may prefer the DE-2's higher magnification.

The F3 is a tremendously fun camera for any shooter or collector to own. In Nikon's lineup for multiple decades because of it's popularity, it's a historic camera, an absolute classic.

In The Box Nikon F3 35mm Camera Body, Black with DE-2 Prism Finder
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