Light & Motion StellaPro Reflex S LED-Flash Head

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  • 5700K Color Temperature, 92/93 CRI/TLCI
  • 6000 Lumens, 9000 with Power Supply
  • Uses Elinchrom Skyport or Godox Triggers
  • Swap Battery Handle, 2 RF Protocols
  • Umbrella Holder, 20-fps Flash Mode
  • Continuous Strobe Hybrid Technology
  • Flash Duration as Fast as 0.5 ms


Product Description


Well known for their popular Stella series of lights, Light & Motion has really pushed the envelope with the introduction of this StellaPro Reflex S LED/Flash Head. It has great specs that you'd expect from an L&M light, including a color temperature of 5700K, high CRI/TLCI ratings of 92 and 93, outputs up to 43,000 lux, and 9000 lumens at full power and 18,000 at burst.

You're probably thinking, "What's burst?" Well, thanks to Continuous Strobe Hybrid technology, the StellaPro Reflex S is also a flash head. Now you can switch back and forth from video to stills. But not just any type of stills, it can shoot up to 20 fps, so you'll never miss peak action, whether you're shooting a red carpet, filming a skateboarder on a ramp, news gathering in video or stills, or catching that all-important bouquet toss at a wedding (especially important when it's a relative). The fixture also has a built-in radio receiver that can be fired remotely using the Elinchrom Skyport trigger or one of the X1 series Godox triggers

The light runs on an internal battery, offering 30 minutes at high power and 600 on low. You can replace the whole handle loaded with a fully charged fresh battery. In fact, if you connect it to a USB Type-C power source you can pump out 9000 lumens. The StellaPro Reflex S is water resistant, as well as drop and shockproof.

Light & Motion Medium Spot Optic for Reflex Stella Pro and Reflex S

The Light & Motion Medium Spot Optic for Reflex Stella Pro and Reflex S is a replacement for the one that colmes with the light It has a bayonet (Bowens) mount and delivers a 24-degree beam while increasing the lux on the subject. The Spot Optic acts like a grid to direct light while keeping your kit lightweight and mobile.

In The Box Light & Motion Medium Spot Optic for Reflex Stella Pro and Reflex S
Limited 2-Year Warranty
Light & Motion Flat Port DM for Stella CLx
Limited 2-Year Warranty
Light & Motion USB Type-C Power Cable (3.9")
Light & Motion USB Type-C Power Cable (2')
Light & Motion Reflex Quick Switch Battery for Reflex and Reflex S Lights
Limited 2-Year Warranty
Limited 2-Year Warranty
MFG Part# 850-0522-A
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