Photoshop 101: Retouching at Pixel Connection - Cleveland
Pixel Connection - Cleveland, 2100 Center Road, Avon, OH 44011
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Learn the basics of retouching in Photoshop!
Join us for a workshop on retouching your photos with Photoshop! This workshop is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to brush up on their skills! In this introductory course we'll go over the basics of portrait retouching, object removal, and miscellaneous tips & tricks! Learn the techniques and tools to help your editing process go as smooth and naturally as possible!
  • Explore and learn to navigate the menus & toolbars
  • Learn how to leverage layers in your workflow and creative process
  • Explore the layers toolbar
  • Object removal techniques
  • Spot healing techniques
  • Patch Tool
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Techniques for retouching skin
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Under-eye brightening
  • Fixing fly aways
  • Observe a photoshop workflow
Who should attend?
This class is perfect for beginners and anyone out of practice! This class is designed for individuals who are brand new to using photoshop and photo editing software! These softwares can be really overwhelming, so we're here to take some of the uncertainty out of it!
Recommended Equipment
We recommend bringing a computer with Adobe Photoshop CC. Make sure your software is installed and working prior to class start. If you don't want to follow along on your laptop you are welcome to just observe or take notes!
Meet your instructor! 
Andrew is a professional photographer, videographer, and content creator. Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, but jump started his career in Los Angeles California, Andrew has combined his love of visual storytelling through many mediums and interests such as automotive, lifestyle, and editorial design. Local once again in his hometown Andrew looks forward to teaching new workshops and assisting other aspiring creators in all facets of their photo and video work for those new to the craft and others ready to take their specific interests to the next level.