Beyond Boundaries with Tamron at Pixel Connection - Nashville
  • PIXEL Connection - Nashville, 700 Rundle Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210
  • 05/18/24
  • Delve into the untold stories behind Tamron lenses through a diverse array of creators with Tamron's, Janet Vuong"Beyond Boundaries: Creators, Lenses, and Uncharted Perspectives" Embark on a captivating exploration led by Janet Vuong, National Tamron Tech Rep and Creator Liaison, as we delve into the untold stories behind Tamron lenses through a diverse array of creators. From influential YouTubers to sports photographers capturing the action, discover lens choices that power their unique narratives. Whether in studio setups, street and landscape photography, or the dynamic world of sports, gain insights into the artistry of lens selection and storytelling. Also join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Tamron “Tammy Talk” setup - celebrating the boundless creativity enabled by Tamron lenses. About Janet Bringing 15 years of industry experience, Janet Vuong is a seasoned professional combining technical expertise with creative flair. Her journey, from early experiences picking up the family camera to formal education in video production and black-and-white photography, underscores a deep passion for visual storytelling. As Tamron Americas' National Tech Rep and Creator Liaison, Janet enjoys collaborating with content creators, playing a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating Tamron's exceptional lenses into the captivating fabric of visual stories within the dynamic realm of influencers. Currently exploring more street and minimalist-art photography, Janet brings a fresh perspective to her work and the Tamron brand. Part of our Spring Demo Day and Sale! Learn more here!
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